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College Athletes Do It Better?

Dec 19, 2021
A muggle’s immediate response may immediately be “No, they don’t!”, whereas a college athlete would certainly agree with the sentiment. But what is it that they supposedly do better?
We live in a society in which it often is encouraged, and sometimes even recommended, that athletes in any field take the opportunity to bolster themselves with a formal education before taking on the enormous challenge that is “professional athleticism”. A popular argument against this idea is that there might be time lost that can never be returned if they were to swerve off the direct path to their dreams, or they might completely lose themselves to the distractions and enjoyments of “real life”.
While these concerns may sometimes be true and could certainly be a very valid reason to avoid the college competition, they may other times also be no more than insecurities surfacing and wanting to avoid a taste of what life as a part-time regular citizen would be like.
Where professional athletes traditionally do not spend much time on studying Mathematics or reading advanced literature, college athletes do have a larger web of schedules that they must respect and manage in order to ensure success in both their athletic departments as well as their academic branches. From our numerous experiences with both sets of athletes, we have often found that the level of responsibility and effort that is brought to the table by college athletes often surpasses that of their peers. It quickly becomes apparent that the expectations that are placed on these college athletes play a massive role in how they carry themselves through life. There is less room for shenanigans and more energy dedicated to pursuing all of their goals in an efficient and timely manner.
However, in all fairness, as with anything there absolutely are exceptions to both cases and we certainly have been witness to both. We see you and respect you.
In conclusion, there are several life lessons that college athletes, be they tennis players or otherwise, will most likely be exposed to far earlier than their other peers and will as such carry those newfound wisdoms along on their paths to success. Hopefully.
Nico Fernandez

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