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Commitment 10X. Steffi Graf

Dec 19, 2021
I came to Boca Raton on year 1994 to help Steffi to practice for a few weeks. It was time for her main coach to get some rest and family time.
By that time she has already won several Grand Slams. The year before she had won, what they called, “The Golden Slam,  all 4 Grand Slams + the Olympic Games. So many achievements in only a decade.
One morning, we were  supposed to practice at 7:00 am. It rained some throughout the night and as I woke up, I saw that it was still drizzling. So, I thought to myself, “practice will not work this morning” I got ready anyways and went to the court just in case.
When I got there, I was so surprised and also a bit embarrassed to see Steffi with a squeegee and towels trying to dry up the court so we could practice….Normally it should have been me trying to make it happen as I was the one in charge of her practice. It could have been me trying to motivate her, instead she was the one inspiring me. Steffi had a sense of commitment and responsibility that I had never seen before or after.

That morning the weather didn’t allow us to practice, for me though was a huge opportunity to experience and see how commitment at a different level looks like.



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