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Conscious Performance.

Jan 01, 2022
There is a common belief that in order to perform at your highest you have to do it without thinking, so to say unconsciously. My experience however has showed me that many young players get to that level of expertise where they perform without thinking and eventually because  of a streak of bad results, they lose confidence and they don't find the way back to their best performance. That was my experience as a young player as well.
What I suggest is to observe what you do when you perform at your best and ritualize it or to write your script or protocol. I believe that at the highest level you have to KNOW with certainty what you are doing in order to find your way  "into performance" also in those days when you are not feeling it.
If you observe a monk in meditation, they take a series of steps in order to get in a meditative state, some are of the external sort and others are happening internally and invisible for the observant. They just don't get in a meditative state by chance. (they don't wing it). they have practiced a ritual for years.
So find out what you do when you perform at your best, write the script for your RITUAL or ROUTINE and practice it so you have it available also under stressful conditions.

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