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Everything starts with a Vision

Dec 19, 2021
I believe that every big achievement begins with a vision. However, the vision is not for everyone and at all times clear. In the title it says “YOUR VISION” because the vision has to come from inside of you. It has to be an intrinsic desire, it has to be authentic, only then you will be able to take responsibility for your actions, walk your talk as they say.
“A thought, concept or object produced by imagination”
There are two characteristics of a vision that I would like to mention which people tend to oversee due to how our common reality has trained us.
A vision could certainly have an external outcome that could vary from winning a title, improving in the rankings, finding sponsorships and so forth. More relevant in my opinion is the internal outcome; what do I want to experience in the process? What are the emotions that are moving me and want to be a part of my life? Who do I want to become in the process?
If your vision is only built on the external outcome there will probably come moments where you will not have the energy to overcome your challenges along the way or even worse, you will not know why you are doing what you do.
Even if it takes time to discover, take time to figure out what your end vision is and especially the reason behind it.
Once you have your vision, it can become the biggest pull in your life. Some people find meaning on what they envision for their future, they can see what we call the “bigger picture”
Take your time and explore what you dream about and create your personal vision.

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