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I am not my results.

Dec 19, 2021
If you are overly concerned with your results, your UTR, what other players, coaches or whoever else are thinking about you, maybe you lost track of the initial reason why you started playing tennis.
I have talked to hundreds of tennis players and the most common answer you get when you ask why they started to play tennis, they say because it was FUN, I was passionate about the game.
These external reasons, take your internal focus off the process, which is a fundamental aspect to produce the results you believe you want.
Probably you think the most important results you can get are wins and ranking. My experience however, tells me that that is only true to a certain extent.

I have met players that achieve great things in terms of results and they feel dull on the inside. They have identified so strongly with the results they produce and they are not able to have a high quality experience while playing the game. They want always more and are never content with what they have achieved. I believe that one of the probable reasons why this happens is because at some point they lost track of the initial reason why they started to play tennis on the first place and they got lost trying to achieve results….Fun for the game is crucial.

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