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Your unique set of strengths

Dec 19, 2021
1. Talents:
Talents are constant, is a recurring pattern of feeling, thinking and behaving that is used with a productive purpose. Talents are created from deeply linked brain synapses.
2. Knowledge:
A) Theoretical: concrete facts on the issue being treated. Theoretical knowledge is not a guarantee of excellence, but excellence is impossible without it.
B) Experience: this is something that can‘t be learned in a classroom neither through books, but only on the field. It is very important to know that every situation gives us the possibility to learn, therefore we must guide very well our focus of attention. We tend to pay attention to what is important to us.
3. Abilities:
This means to give structure to our experience, to be able to repeat the same performance time and again. An ability is going to help you to do something in a better way, but is not going to replace the lack of talent.

“Know Thyself “.

A person or athlete excels or succeeds due to his unique “strengths“. Focus your attention on what you do well. That is exactly what will make you excel beyond the average.
In this process it is necessary a lot of honesty and the help of someone that knows you very well as well as the topic in depth. We all have blind spots, this makes an external opinion or coaching quite important.
How do I recognize my strengths? First off, it is something that works easily for you, so you might be inclined to think that everyone else feels the same about it, in general, your strengths are your more spontaneous reactions. Observe yourself carefully. I‘m not only thinking about technique, I‘m thinking that some of your character traces could be one of your biggest talents; serenity to make decisions, good communicator, analytic, etc.
Second, generally it is something that you like doing that even causes you to lose the notion of time:
  • What do I like to do?
  • What do I do easily?
  • In which areas am I generally better than others?
  • Doing what makes me feel really good?
Your strengths should be strengthened to the maximum. Your weaknesses should be reduced to the possible minimum and integrated in the system. We have to function like an integral system in order to achieve our best performance.
A fundamental aspect consists of adapting your own abilities to your type of temperament. This means that you have to accept yourself!!! I have been able to observe in many occasions that we follow models that don‘t match with ourselves, since maybe that model has a completely different profile of strengths and weaknesses.
Every person should define and accept their own risk tolerance and bring it as close as possible to the point of balance, neither to risky nor too safe.
Risk Tolerance | Stress Tolerance | Fear of Failure.
Work on understand your personal Blueprint and

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