Footwork reflections

I tend to make a difference between movement in small spaces and on bigger spaces. Small spaces refers to maybe two steps and bigger spaces everything from three steps and more.
In small spaces is the moment where you can eventually take control of the point, so the precise adjustments in order to hit with acceleration and precision is key.
There basically two methods:
  1. Double rhythm used mostly from players on clay courts where you have to move more towards or from the ball after the bounce.
  2. Cross steps used from players on faster surfaces where the ball goes more to you propelled from the bounce.
In bigger spaces we have to “run” and stop.
  1. On clay court we mostly slide on the last step
  2. On hard court we mostly do the “mogul” technique to stop. Some players nowadays slide even on HC.
Also the recovery step is very important to be able to reposition yourself and be ready for the next shot of your opponent.
What we try to achieve is stay balanced during contact to have “control” after contact to reposition quickly.
There are a few other footwork techniques like the scissors on high attacking balls or jumping to overheads and falling again to retake the net.
Movement and footwork technique go hand in hand with the ability to “read” the game and move accordingly to hit the next shot.
All these requires practice and it has to become great and automatic, no thinking involved. The sinking part is only when you learn until you master that.
Keep on learning and evolve your game!

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