Reflection on rituals

When an experienced tennis player is facing moments of pressure during a match, he/she goes to the things he/she do best and can control. These are, ways of playing, favorite shots and patterns but also RITUALS  to help them go through the pressure moments. Rituals can be used during the day and during your practice to prepare for the match. Also between points to reset and refocus. (Do you have yours?)
Maybe you can find a parallel to use in your “stay home” phase and find Rituals and Routines to organize your day.
Organization and discipline are very important traits to develop if your target is to be the best version possible of yourself.
A few things you can do:
  • For yourself
    • Get a sweat
    • Stretch with “focus”
    • Read or learn something new (good for your brain)
    • Visualize yourself playing
  • For your game
    • Watch a full tennis match on your TV or Laptop
    • Do shadows in front of a mirror. Then bring your attention to you and feel your balance.
    • Footwork.
  • For your Plan
    • Review your goals
    • Analize what can you improve these days.
    • Measure it and improve it (Sit ups, push or pull ups)
    • Take some kind of action
Tonio Fernandez

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