Self management & Leadership skills

The capacities of self confidence, self control and self organization are always present when someone is performing at its best. So this is an area we have to pay attention to if you are aiming to get out the best of ourselves as coaches and our players.
If you do not posses self control to follow a protocol or a pattern of behavior and react out of Impulsive responses, that will lead at best, to irregular outcomes.
If you notice Self management starts with the word SELF, because is the part that we can influence and control the most. The environment and situations change and many aspects of them are not within our control. We can’t control the weather, other people’s feelings or reactions, but we can control the meaning we give to events.
Self management and Leadership skills are developed by the application of different intelligences.
For example, self confidence is not something you have all the time but something you create in a consistent basis. The way you use your body, being in good physical shape, your focus and your language will influence your level of self confidence. If you want to feel confidence in a consistent basis, you have to condition yourself to do that, you have to practice. Get competent in order to create confidence!
INTELLIGENCE: the ability to apply knowledge to manipulate one’s environment or to think abstractly as measured by objective criteria
There are many definitions to the meaning of the word intelligence. From what I understand, nowadays there is agreement that intelligence does not only refer to the cognitive aspects of the mind but includes many others, like Mental, Emotional, Somatic, Intra and Interpersonal INTELLIGENCES just to name a few.
The above named intelligences or abilities are crucial to increase your level of self management and performance. We have to expand our vision to what intelligences are if we want tap into greater levels  of excellence.

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